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Application Requirements include: 

  • an artist statement and bio (max 250 words); 
  • a project proposal (max 250 words); 
  • a current Curriculum Vitae or resume; 
  • up to 10 images of recent artwork 
  • an Image List including title, size, website and social media links, &/or 
  • media uploads or links to film/video or audio

Tips for Successful Proposal

In your project proposal, please include a description of your socially-engaged practice and describe how you will be engaging with the Port Hope community to meet our Program Goals. 

Successful proposals will:

  • consider Port Hope
  • address our Program Goals
  • show us how you will interact with the Port Hope community
  • consider place, location, or site-specific elements or studies
  • outline how you'll meet the artist expectations
  • promote an appreciation of contemporary art practices
  • surprise us!

Please note: Exact logistics are not needed for a successful proposal. Once the residency is awarded, arrangements will be made with the Program Director 

(e.g., venues for working with seniors can be arranged later). 

If more information about potential community resources, facilities, and public spaces is needed while crafting your project proposal, applicants are encouraged to contact us.  We look forward to reviewing all submissions.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.